The art of innovation is not to start with a trend or market demand, but with a company’s own identity, capabilities and mission. Only then the innovation will make sense to the ‘receiver’.

AMICA INNOVATIE is not a polished consultant but is an open partner that guides you to get to market as soon as possible with a product or service that is a validated idea that matches your organisation. Based on an experience-based knowledge of certain markets and in contact with a solid common sense, AMICA INNOVATIE is an equal partner that is not afraid to disagree with you.

AMICA INNOVATIE is specialised in guiding medium-sized Industrial Companies, ICT firms and non-profit organisations towards the realisation of their innovations and changes. There are three main ways this is achieved:

  • INNOVATION SESSIONS about identity, business model, finances, employees, machines, whatever is your need. Assisted by external knowledge wherever necessary.
  • INTRAPRENEURSHIP – AWARENESS & COACHING of entrepreneurial individuals in your organisation.